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All in view of answering a burning question.

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My name is Martin Koech.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in finance.

I find it interesting to share my opinions with others, while helping them discover more about business school.

My service to universities.

I assist to clarify burning questions that pertain to business professional education. I get many emails. Guys are really concerned about getting proper business education.

I have a free column to feature articles about various universities. Course brochures and general information are the main ones.

This is to ensure that universities reach more and more people.

What about my service to advertisers?

I give them the best value. I blog about their businesses in the most concise manner. Consumers are looking for editorial content on products. They get only that on this site. No sales pitch or hard selling.

Prospects click the back button and go away when they sniff shopping carts. Simply because they are looking for wise thoughts.

Advertisers stand to convert more since I help create great web content for them.

Service to small business owners from business school.

A small business owner gets up to ten free web pages upon application.  As well a s many other website privileges. Check out this.