A Kabianga review on academics.

When I joined University of Kabianga in the year 2010, it was a constituent college of Moi University.

University of Kabianga is located in Kabianga, kericho county. On 1 March 2013 it was awarded charter by H.E Hon. Mwai Kibaki. To became a fully fledge University.

Academic programs.

Well, you will find world class academic programs at University of Kabianga. For all levels of academics…. Namely,  Doctor of philosophy, master’s an bachelor’s degrees.

Come to this university and choose either of these schools.

   School of medicine at Kapkatet campus.

The rest in the main campus, Kericho town campus and Sigoor satellite campus.

  1. School of business and economics.
  2. School of agriculture and biotechnology.
  3. School of science and technology.
  4. School of educations and social sciences.

Quality assurance on university of Kabianga.

University of Kabianga is dully chartered officially by The Kenyan ministry of higher education. To offer approved course leading to the conferment of its degrees.

As of this year 2016, the chancellor is Professor Musangi, the vice chancellor is Professor Kipngeno.

They are the leaders of the institution with quality assurance by Kenya bureau of standards and ISO organization. What’s more… degree certificates from the institution are recognized by employers.

I obtained by bachelor’s degree in business management here. Another reason to believe. I am fully confident with the institution of higher learning.

Want to know how they handle matters…. Pay them a courtesy visit over any day of the week. Monday to Friday. They handle visitors warmly and answer visitor questions thoroughly.. ‘no catching feelings’.

Academics are given the fore front…

Well installed wireless router for extra studies besides the main libraries where books are available.

An able team of staff will reduce learning to a child’s play. To make you excel in life beyond school.

Other details you may want to know….

Accommodation if available within the institutions as well as outside accommodation at

  1. KMS student’s hostels.
  2. Eagle ladies Hostels.

Security is next to super in and around this university. You will surely enjoy your stay at Kabianga.

There is rich supply of milk and vegetables around the Kabianga University. So you will not lack food!

Plenty of friends are at your aid. In school life and other co-curricular activities such as games, clubs and spiritual support.

For me…..

I found university of Kabianga as the destination of success academically and in life. I strongly recommend KBG… University of Kabianga.