Do you know of any business-courses?

Business-courses refer to various subjects related to business. All taught at business school.

Straight to examples of business courses:

  1. Marketing – a subject aimed at teaching how to communicate the offer of a company.
  2. Sales- this subject stresses the need to sell. The lifeblood of a company.
  3.  Finance- business expansion or start-up calls for sources of capital.
  4. Accounting – proper financial records must be maintained for future reference.
  5. Human resource management ….. Your company hires skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled labor. This subject discuses everything on human resources.


Why you are better off pursuing business-courses.

As you pursue your accounting course or finance course…..note these key course objectives.

  1. Enhancement of critical thinking
  2. To appreciate business-courses as an integral part of development of industries.
  3. To discovers great ideas. That could lead to large business startups .
  4. To learn and discover current business affairs.

The key concepts that Paul learned after pursuing a business course are:

  1. Financial reporting
  2. Concepts of costs
  3. Concept of scarcity
  4. Time value of money
  5. Management strategies
  6. Financial structure of a company.

Nice! Just to mention but a few.

Why do universities classify most business-courses under business management degree?

Yeah, I discovered this at business school.

In my view, it’s because, business courses go hand in hand with management functions: of planning, organizing, directing,control and hiring.

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