How to tips on how to use search engines to look for the right information.
(Best of business-research tips)

Today millions of people use the search engines to perform simple to advanced business-research. You could be one of them. Then I am referring this to you.

About the search engines and business-research.

  1. The most popular are and
  2. They use very advanced and complex algorithms. Algorithms that execute queries in seconds.
  3. You cannot hack their programs. Site security is superior to other sites.
  4. Search engines are the leading websites in the world in dollar value and intellectual property.
  5. Most of the engines are involved in mergers and take overs. Google took over YouTube. Yahoo took Bing.

When it comes to looking for information online..  Note the following:

The web is populated with different types of sites. Some are informational, business and others are communication channels.

The biggest problem facing many brilliant people, scholars and non scholars a like is:

  1. Differentiating information sites with business type sites.
  2. Judging the credibility of informational sites.
  3. Doing enomous data mining while saving time

Huh! Sounds painful and it is.

I am going to show you how to do your information search productively. No time wasted.

You could be doing business-research for the following reasons:

  • Academic assignments.
  • Product ratings and review search, well

a) Jot down the topic of your research ( e.g. financial mathematics assignment) 

b) Break down your topic into smaller sub topics. I will jot down, calculus, statistics etc

C) Choose your preferred search engine. Maybe Google or Bing.

Do you want examples of worked out sums?

 Enter calculus+worked out sums

Or information only, enter this.

Calculus+worked out sums+about

The big problem of business-research.

On pressing the search button,,,

You will welcome a list of searches. Most are advertisements or sales pages

So what do you do?

  Narrow your research to specific terms and tag informational sites. The ones that are ad free.

Example of informational sites are:


In your search you will enter your query like this….

        Calculus+worked out sums+Wikipedia.


Only Wikipedia listings show up.

Now you know how to search. Where I come from we call searching “Ku Google” owing to the popularity of

Over here is my custom Google search box. Use it since it is optimized for everything business without the distractions.

Are you at the university? I am wishing you the best of luck.