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Business-school commentary with Clyn Sam.

fayMe & Lix....... site support reps.

My name is Clyn Sam.

I am a big fan of business school. That’s why dropped my lines for this site.

Well dear admin…

As stated before am Clyn Sam. I am currently pursuing a business degree in communication.  It’s a great course.

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The underlying concepts in any business course are:

  1. Financial reporting.
  2. Economics of money.
  3. Business management and strategy.
  4. Sales and marketing.

Few people actually notice there are in business school!

business-schoolbusiness school is great.

Forks around the world only discover that they are in the university. Well, pursuing a business course.

Business school is far much a big faculty. It’s the source of great leaders in business.

Talk of owners of real estates, manufacturing plants etc.

Small business owners are always forgotten at business school!

I was surprised by this site’s editors.

They are supporting small business owners. Round of applause please!!! Share this article to your favorite social media. Let others know about what’s happening here.

Me too..

 An email confirmation showed up in my inbox from the site admin. He will link to my social media accounts to give me “web uplift” Straight to the point.

Let’s become friends on Facebook and follow on twitter too!

It was great having you read my submission.

{ As submitted by Clyn Sam. Formatted for site needs}

PS: Guest businesses owned by youth feature prominently on this site.

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