What do you know about business school?


Business-schools are dedicated towards teaching financial management skills. Over one billion individuals join them annually to learn important financial management skills. These skills range from mathematical skills to fund management.

 So, get it that a business-school is a tertiary institution that offers comprehensive financial teachings. In order to help learners grasp financial management skills. What are the major skills related to finance?

Top rated financial management skills are the following:

  1.  Stock valuation techniques.
  2. Capital appraisal.
  3.  Fund management.
  4.  Financial risk management.
  5. Forecasting techniques.
  6.  Foreign exchange valuation.

The list is long. Contact me for more insider information.

How do business-schools offer teachings?

Business-school management staff recruits highly qualified business tutors, to lead you down the academic path. These tutors will teach business subjects relevant to financial management.

Business classes are carefully planned. So, that all financial management course contents are covered. Please attend all these classes. Have you ever asked yourself how experts come about?

Is it free to join one of these business-schools?

Yes it is free to join any of the major business-schools around the globe. The word free here is limited to unrestricted entry.

If you have completed your O levels, please bear in mind that you are qualified to join business school.           

Three major ways to join business school

  1. Direct entry after being approved by Joint Admission Board. Universities together with the commission of higher education admit university students based on merit. A minimum score of B+ in O levels examination is required to get this mode of admission.
  2. Direct entry after applying to a business-school of choice. A minimum of C+ in O levels examination is required. This mode of admission is practiced in accordance with the directorate of privately sponsored students program.
  3. Mature entry. Any individual who has completed a college diploma can apply to join business-school. This is commonly referred to as a mature entry

               How university of Kabianga admits students.

What are the likely benefits of graduating from a business-school?

You will graduate after completing the stipulated duration of study and passing all financial courses.

 So, what next?

Take home your financial degree and start to enjoy these benefits:

a)      Easily contribute in economic debates. Join any development committee back at home. You will find yourself putting facts on the table.

b)      Meet minimum requirements to pursue higher studies. Continue with your studies to become a university professor. It’s the most coveted position in academia.

c)      Be employed by a blue chip company. You will pass an interview since you have the right qualifications. Simply present your resume.

d)      Start your own company. You already have the technical know how to run a business successfully. So, put your best foot forward.

e)      Have ideas to share. Start a consultation service. Teach people how to trade in bonds, for example.


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