Here are top nine business-school-myths.

These business-school-myths are easy to discover when you are a business-school insider.  I have shared nine that have stood the test of time.

1.       It’s all about book reading culture.

Business-school is associated with reading culture. Learners expected to read for over four hours a day to discover knowledge. But, from personal experience, some learners sit for only one hour or none to read.

2.       Joining business-school brings honour.

Your friends, family and community will rejoice when you join business school. They look forward to the time you will come back as a learned family member. But, some individuals drop out of business-school and thus fail to bring honour.

3.       You must get a job after completing financial studies.

Folks allover believe that getting employed is the goal of schooling. Yes, you will be employed after business-school. But, there are individuals like Peter who preferred to venture into business.

4.       Bright students read only once.

Some students find an excuse not to sit and study. They claim that reading is done once semester, then excel the rest of your school life. I tell you to keep reading your class notes.

5.       Good handwriting.

This is my favourite. That, tutors like good handwriting. So, just write your business statistics examination answers. In your best handwriting and see yourself score an A. But, do not fall for this!

6.       Group work is power.

It’s comrades’ power again. Two or more brains can crack the hardest finance puzzle better. The sad truth is that, many individuals like to struggle alone in studies.

7.       No individual performance contests.

When you join business-school, forget ranking based on score. Ranking is based on grades. A score of 69 and a score 65 belong to grade B.  So, Ann who scored 69 in business mathematics test is not of the same caliber as Victor who scored 65.

8.       Avenue of meeting soul mates

Socializing after financial classes may cause individuals of opposite sex to fall in love. Some end up getting married. But, cases of these marriages between schoolmates are few.

9.       The noticeboard

All business-school communications are done over the noticeboard. Students and staff are supposed to visit the noticeboard for updates. It’s a shame that some students still miss important news they could have benefited from.  

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