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Mar 11, 2016

Kenyan universities.

Public universities in Kenya. Chuka University. Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. Egerton University. University of Eldoret. Garissa University

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Mar 11, 2016

Kabianga BA ( economics)

Bachelor of Arts (Economics) at University of Kabianga (Main Campus) Mode of Study is either Full-Time or part time. You will get a Course Length of 4

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Mar 11, 2016

University of Nairobi.

Allow me to share this excerpt with you. The University of Nairobi (UoN) is a university based in Nairobi. It is one of the largest universities in Kenya.

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Feb 25, 2016

Latest..Uok Smart Comrades

The above Whatsapp group is enjoying my search box results, as we speak. Just shared a link. Explaining How to Creatively do business research using the search engines. Wazito another whatsapp group has recieved the same link. I Am looking forward to their reaction. Uhuu!!Both groups consists of Kabianga elites.

Feb 21, 2016


I would like to great You.. my visitor.How cool is my site? "Excellent beginning keep up bro" says Charles from Nairobi. " this is awesome...i love it.great ideas in here" says ClynSam from Jomo Kenyata University, Nairobi.

Parting shot. "Your site is fantastic keep modifying it " Gilly right from Amboseli Park. He's a lion..Hahaha!!

Come on! Have Your Say!!

Feb 21, 2016

USA visitors.

Hey, got this site & you are in the USA? Log on onto my contact-us link, share How You found this website. Adams Ward says " Found You over Facebook".Please share!!!

Feb 17, 2016


Case studies....I'll visit big companies to collect reams of information. The ones You want to know about only. This????? Solutions. Careers. Skills.These are the key areas. What's more? I do it better than them!!

Feb 17, 2016

Your say

Remember you're welcome to express your feelings about how I Am meeting your needs. Have your say.

Feb 14, 2016

Best business school assesment-by

Business-schools trains you to become a finance expert under business degree program. Catch all these at

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Feb 14, 2016

About page? Awesome!!

About everything in this site.

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Jan 23, 2016

Kisii university

Do You think Kisii University will be closed?

Jan 23, 2016

Vote of thanks

I would like to thank you for your support. You have continuously given me a helping hand. I feel lucky to have You.I am working in my site while it's live. In a month's time, all the resources will be availlable.Thank you.

Jan 10, 2016

Chepchumba's university-photos.

University-photos by Chepchumba Biwott at Eldoret university.

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Jan 10, 2016

A precise Kabianga university review

An alumnus' Kabianga university review

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Jan 03, 2016

Business-degree teaches you to follow current affairs.

Business-degree builds ready to learn personalities.

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Jan 03, 2016

Friends are following university-updates here.

University-updates are very important to follow.

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Jan 03, 2016

How to find college-information faster.

Simplifying how to get college-information.

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Jan 03, 2016

How to creatively do business-research using search engines

business-research help. Using search engines productively.

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Jan 01, 2016

Be part of university-a-must club

University- a-must campaign

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Dec 31, 2015

happy new year.

Hurray!!Do your last minute preparations. So that we go out in the moonlight. To kiss 2015 goodbye. It's been a great year.It brought so much harvest. look, how our children play happily for the proceeds lasted. But we are expecting 2016's harvest to be bigger & better!!From the admin's lounge.... I say thank you so much for your support. More cool stuff to come in 2016. Stay tuned.Happy new year!!

Dec 30, 2015

Be like a college professor.

To become a college professor..... you ought to discover knoledge on your own. As well as prove that you actually know much. Sounding too much of work? Hell no! You can do it.

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Dec 30, 2015

A college talk.

Hey, from my own experience... guys tend to save lots of movies and songs in their hard drive. This shifts their focus from books to entertainment.lesson: No wonder 1/ 100 go back to pursue MBA!!!

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Dec 30, 2015

A Kabianga Quote.

Kabianga university has one of the best learning environment in the world. Away from noise & distraction. In a cool and wet climate, near beautiful nature. You will obtain your first class honors with ease. Since the environment lends itself to learning.

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Dec 27, 2015

Site admin.

Here is the personal profile of the site admin.

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Dec 27, 2015

Best wishes and happy-2016

Wishing you a happy-2016.

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Dec 27, 2015

Have you noted which business-degree-programs exists?

Actionable guide to business-degree-programs. As a serious person you need to know this.

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Dec 26, 2015

Do insurance-agents matter?

Insurance-agents help expand the reach of insurance companies.

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Dec 26, 2015

Top insurance-companies' secrets unvailled.

Insurance-companies have a noble reason to exist. Learn more.

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Dec 26, 2015

Why insurance-degree is my choice.

Why insurance-degree? Learn more.

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Dec 26, 2015

Did you know business-schools are paromount? Learn how.

Top insider tips about business-schools.

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Dec 26, 2015

Top norch review of business-courses.

Probably you have been looking for a business-courses review.

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Dec 13, 2015

clyn Sam's business-school comments.

Clyn Sam says this about business-school.

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Dec 13, 2015

chepchumba-biwott has a college story.

Your friend chepchumba-biwott narrates her college experience.

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Dec 13, 2015

Top business school secrets.

Business school secrets you never knew.

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Dec 08, 2015


The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi has challenged students starting a new life at institutions of higher learning to take advantage of the opportunity to build a future that they will all be proud of.(adapted from university of Nairobi website)

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