The sources of content used on this site.

Photos & selfies

Models who have given me photos are aware of how their photos are being used.

            All are 18 years & over especially when they offered their photos.

No explicit & obscene photos are available on-site to maintain a respectful environment. To open business & conversations models program is now running; for as low as $1.22 you can sell your photos. This amount covers up to 10 photos. The way you pose does not matter.

Photos & selfies become available online under your terms and discussed period.

Content sources revealed.

Biggie rule

            “Information be kept original but borrow very professionally. Much of what we say has been written”

            Plagiarism check-check.

All photos & visual content are original to the web; Sourced from private files.

Interviews, questionnaires & observation of trends forms the underlying content industry reports and news releases give rise to references.

Library & communication skills are utilized in citing sources.  Creators of content are credited as expected

Plagiarism software utilized to keep copying at bay.