Who exactly are insurance-agents?

Insurance-agents are parties that market the products and services of insurance firms.

Do they really matters?

Yes, they do!

Insurance companies depend on them to boost sales effort. Examples are:

   AON Minet  Insurance Brokers.

Can insurance-agents be replaced?

In my view the answer is no. why? Since they are well positioned in the insurance value chain. Insurance agents assist insurance companies a great deal.  They bring in more business through their marketing efforts. So, it’s not likely that they could be replaced.

On the contrary, they could lose business……..

They may be removed by the principal (insurance co)

In cases of:

-Malpractices- trading with enemies, cheating clients other vices.

 -Change of company rules

-A better marketing strategy coming up when dealing with insurance agents.  Ensure they are genuine, call parent company to establish that an insurance agents are credible . Ask  as money questions as possible  e.g.

  1. Who is the parent company?
  2. What are the likely benefits?
  3. How do I get an insurance quote?
  4. How much do premium go for?


Above all,

All insurance-agents are the right people to clarify your insurance concerns.

They know the insurance industry very well, so get out, talk to your nearest insurance agent.....and,

           Ask how insurance can work for you.


As for AIG insurance? insurance agents are quite important.

Insurance brokers and independent insurance agents* play a vital role in the insurance purchasing process. AIG Property and Casualty values the role of these insurance producers in advising and consulting with insurance buyers, and generally compensate them in recognition of their participation in the purchasing process. Please contact your insurance broker or independent insurance agent to obtain information about the specific compensation they may receive in connection with the issuance of your policy. 

AIG Property and Casualty supports the disclosure of compensation paid to insurance brokers and independent insurance agents. This information can help our customers make informed purchasing decisions.

(Source: AIG website: filed under citations)

From AON?

Aon Insurance Brokers

Aon is New Zealand’s largest insurance broker and a leader in the provision of specialist insurance products and services. Our brokers act as advocates for you whether your insurance requirements are personal, business, rural or corporate. We can assist with all the complexities of your insurance needs with our tailored insurance products and solutions.

( source: AON website & Files under: citations)

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