An A to Z assessment of all facts you need to know about the insurance-degree.

Insurance-degree encompasses all subjects aimed at helping learners learn key insurance concepts. Insurance is both a subject and a common trade .

The insurance degree is mathematical in nature. Probability and statistical methods being the main mathematical techniques applied. Even though theory makes the huge part.

So, what are the objectives of an insurance degree?

To teach key concepts that pertains to insurance as a trade and a discipline. Key concepts of insurance degree are the following.

  1. Insurable risks.
  2. Risk management.
  3. Insurance companies.
  4. Contract law.
  5. Claims management.
  6. Categories of insurance services
  7. Law of large numbers.

Business school and insurance

Insurance degree is offered at business school .Where learners are exposed to lectures that raise their awareness of insurance concepts.

How insurance degree is offered. Business school dons have complete course outline that guides how student will be taught risk management courses.

Business classes are planned prior to commencement of a semester.

A cluster of subjects are taught every semester.

At the end of each semester, students sit for an examination to gauge their understanding of the subjects.


What features sets apart the insurance-degree?

Insurance degree deals with risk and how to manage risk.

It’s a complex subject where learners are expected to grasp key risk management concepts. All of which will determine one’s suitability for employment as an insurance personnel.

General sub topics include:  claims management, risk management, insurance companies.

Job openings after completing an insurance degree.

  1. Quality assurance manager.
  2. Risk analyst.
  3. Underwriter.

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The Chartered Insurance Institute is a United Kingdom based professional organization for those working in the insurance and financial services industries.

The institute provides accreditation and professional qualifications to UK and international members. Designated qualifications include (in ascending level order): Cert CII, Dip CII, Advanced Dip CII (ACII - previously called Associateship CII) and Fellowship CII (FCII). ACII and FCII accredited members are eligible to apply for election to Chartered Insurer status, which is based on experience in the insurance industry alongside these qualifications. These titles may be used by any person upon completion of the required level of qualification and confirmation from the institute.