Easy on the reader articles. No straining.

For the text based contextual content easy to read (at grade-6-7)

Most visitors have given feedback that they find content here easy to read. That is the main reason for existing easy to read and ‘get’ business information that:-

            Answer most of your questions

            Q-A sessions is even better. Much simpler language that makes reading a breeze, yet engaging.

The process of readability.

Find zero complex words, you won’t need a dictionary near you. Hard jargon is cracked for you.

Page layout is scannable. Headlines give you a hint before you scale down to reading.

Decide to read after scanning and finding articles relevant your search intents.

Info graphics are used from time to time to: Give you a ‘prison-break’ from the usual text, text & text. Your reading becomes a joy rather than boring work.

You are invited by smiles right from the homepage to the last page. It’s business-like to serve customers/visitors with a smile.