The best of business school secrets.

secretsM. K

Guess one of these secrets

Well, I am going to share with you secrets that I found out when I was at business school.

1. You have to be clever.

Studies at business school are tough. It requires you to know how to multitask. Since you will be pursuing studies as well as socializing. Be very careful since you might waste a lot of time in activities that do not really matter.

2. You are headed for success in life.

The very day you stepped into business school the first time, marked the start of your long journey towards a chosen career. This career will benefit you and your family financially afterwards. So choose your career very wisely.

3. The sky is the limit.

As you pursue your dreams, have faith that you will achieve them. It takes work.  A faint heart never won a fair lady. How far can go is only limited by you!

4. Please discover knowledge.

Ensure that you spend most of your prime time in the business library. Study most of the principles of business degree. Know more about Taylor’s principles. Learn the time value of money. Yes, you need to know many of the key concepts of business.

5. Spend time reading now, so that you earn teaching later.

If you excel in your studies, you will become a scholar. The pride of being a scholar is nurturing other minds. Imparting knowledge and inspiring them.

6. The world is full of educated people but void of learned people.

Having gone through business school, you are educated. On the other hand, you become learned if you excel. Do individuals call themselves educated or learned? That is good question for homework.

7. Go beyond business school.

Pursue that university degree diligently. Then enroll for supplementary business courses like accountancy courses, for example. This will make you more competitive in the job market.

8. Finance careers are lucrative.

The global economy depends on right financial techniques.

Every sector of the economy demands finance experts to help draft working strategies. To ensure that financial stability is created and maintained.

9. Learn to be leader.

 Strive to be the one who is depended on for opinions and directions. Nurture leadership skills by attending relevant seminars and discussions. That helps you become a better leader.

10. The global economy is bigger.

Worry less when over 1000 of you graduate. The global economy is much bigger than all of us. There are many industries that will employ you and others. Do not worry.

These are the top secrets I had. Focus on them. Add yours too!



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