University-of-Kabianga? Where is it?

Yeah! University-of-Kabianga is a Kenyan university located in Kericho County. Near a suburb called Kabianga.

Nearby shopping centers are the following…..

  1. Kabianga shopping center.
  2. Chepnyogaa shopping center.

Sounds much of Kalenjin dialect, huh?

What bloggers miss to tell you about University of Kabianga or they just assume!!

Let me review University-of-Kabianga in detail….. No feelings!!!

Very rich heritage associated with it, read on.

It sits squarely in the great tea belt of south west rift valley. Well, in Kericho west district.  Just an hour’s drive from Kericho town and you’re at the main gate.

Giant firms surround it. James Finlay and Unilever tea companies ,off the main road from Kericho town to Sotik.

Local plants…..formerly premier foods at the main junction on Kericho-sotik road. Later on to be rebranded Kabianga Dairies. This junction is commonly called ‘Premier” (as it was renamed after the old name of the plant.)

During my days at UoK, it was fun to let the cab driver know that I am alighting at Premier.

   ‘ Nashuka kule Premier… na ujue kuwa niko na shilingi Hamsini taslimu!’

The only routes to reach UoK Gate are these;

  1. The Nairobi-Naivasha- Nakuru-kericho-Kabianga route.
  2. The Eldoret-Namgoi-Nandi Hills- Awasi-Kericho-Taplotin-Uok route.
  3. The Kisumu-Kericho junction-Premier-Kabianga route.
  4. The Sondu-kiptere- Momul- Kabianga route.

Phew! Many routes indeed.

University of Kabianga has a nick name..

    It’s called KBG by the locals.

Campuses of University-of-Kabianga

  1. Kericho Town Campus.
  2. Sigor satellite campus.
  3. Kapkatet campus.

Local joints are the following.

  1. The Seed.
  2. Turf Gong.
  3. Chips Palace.
  4. Hotel Meridian.

This are the ones worth the mention!

How do Uok’s relax after biting books?

Nature walk and ultimately swim at Chemosit river. The largest river in Kericho county. With the touch of danger. Ssssshhhhhhh waaaaah!!!! Waterfalls and cataracts everywhere.

To unwind at Tuff Gong or keep it growing at the Seed.

Travelers’ galore to Kericho town to have fun or go business like the Tuff Gong duo, Edu and Fay.

Sleep zones! Sleep zones!

KMS hostels, Eagle and others are the coolest Sleep zones. My sleep zone was KMS hostel. Are you residing there today?

I liked the hostel, silently cornered at Kabianga market. Where no one will ever know you had a house bash, Konshens’s Hits going, down last night.

Social media used by UOK’s

A big number of UoK’s are using Facebook as the main media to chat away.

Facebook groups I have joined are.

  1. The Sentinel (official page)
  2. University of Kabianga watchdogs.
  3. The university of Kabianga, uok-official fun page
  4. University of Kabianga Educationists’ page.
  5. University of Kabianga missions group.
  6. Kapkatet campus (school of Medicine)
  7. The new sentinel (official page)
  8. Kabianga (campus politics and leadership)
  9. It’s only in University of Kabianga (UOK)
  10. University of Kabianga Press club 3rd eye.
  11. Kabianga Business students Association.
  12. Kabianga Republic (KUSAG)
  13. I choose life Africa, university of Kabianga.
  14. The Arts society (official group)



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